A Participatory Economy

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A Participatory Economy

Robin Hahnel


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  • A moment for socialism: As of June 2021, 54% of Gen Z adults view capitalism negatively and over 41% have a positive view on socialism. 
  • Accessible economic modelA Participatory Economy presents a clear and accessible post-capitalist model for those without extensive training or understanding of economics.
  • Penned by a trained economist: Robin Hahnel is a trained economist and a co-founder of the idea of Participatory Economics, an evolving concept that offers a comprehensive blueprint for an alternative to capitalism.
  • A guide to building an ecologically responsible economy: Robin Hahnel shows how placing decision making into the hands of producers and consumers can be a way to meet needs responsibly.
  • College Course Potential.


Robin Hahnel:

Robin Hahnel is a life-long radical activist and economist whose work emphasizes environmental sustainability. Hahnel is best known for his work on alternatives to capitalism and as co-creator of the most famous and detailed model for a democratic and participatory approach to economics. He is now retired from American University where he taught economics. He lives in Portland, OR.